My name is Hjan Robert Korneliussen. I´m 29 years of age born and raised in Bergen – Norway. I´m a Graphic Designer and Typography Artist, and I´ve been studying Graphic Design at the Norwegian School of Creative Studies in Bergen – Norway. After that, I moved to Gold Coast – Australia where I finished my Bachelor of Digital Media (Graphic Design) at Griffith University.

I currently live in Norway working as a freelance designer, while starting a company with a good friend of mine. I´ve been doing work for people all over the world including Australia, Norway, America and Germany.

For me, Graphic Design is all about communicating a message in a simple but exciting way that attracts peoples attention. I do logo design, web design, packaging and more, but specializing in branding and typography.

You can find me cruising on my penny board in the Norwegian streets while listening to my favourite tunes and living my passion.

My passion for typography started as a young kid growing up with old “spanish montana hardcore” spray boxes in my hands, while busting som moves on the floor as a b-boy (breakdancer). At School, I gladly scribbled and colored all the letters I could find instead of doing my homework!

Today, thanks to my former teacher Dominique T. Falla at Griffith University and my overall experience in Australia, I got inspired to practicing more readable typography in different styles and shapes. Although I´m still painting some burners in the streets yelling woop woop thats that sound of the police”  (just kidding with the police part).


2013    Bachelor of Digital Media (Graphic Design)  //  Griffith University in Gold Coast – Australia

2012    Diploma in Graphic Design  //  Norwegian School of Creative Studies in Bergen – Norway


2015    Internship at Limedrop  //  As a Graphic Designer from February – May.

2013    Liveworm Graphic Design Studio  //  Professional Practice at Griffith University´s professional design studio.

2011 – Present    Freelancer at Hjan Robert Graphic Design  //  Doing Graphic Design and Typography commisions.


2013    Griffith Award for Academic Excellence  //  Griffith University in Gold Coast – Australia

2013    Best Norwegian Graduate of Bachelor of Digital Media  //  Griffith university in Gold Coast – Australia

2013    Typism Encouragement Award  //  Griffith University in Gold Coast – Australia


2016    Contribution to Typism Book Three  //  Gold Coast – Australia.

2015    Contribution to Typism Book Two  //  Gold Coast – Australia.

2013    Contribution to the first ever Typism Book One  //  Gold Coast – Australia.


2015    Typography Worhshop  //  Norges Kreative Høyskole (NKH) Bergen – Norway (24. Sep)